Case: “I feel lighter”

I completed my first case today. Artometer: 10 down to 3. She came in with stress from dealing with extended family members and most recently heightened around a Wedding of cousin in December. She presented with headache daily, depression, gaining weight, irritable with “wonderful” husband and unable to achieve pregnancy.

After the process of ART, she responded first with: I feel lighter, the heaviness in my head is no longer there. She kept asking how did you do this? (I did a great job of fully explaining the “why” of how it works at the beginning, but she was still so surprised). She kept turning her head trying to figure out how she could feel so much better.

And she calmly added another comment, just before she left my office, “I feel like calling my Aunt.” And then she explained in amazement, “I have been avoiding talking to her and now I feel like calling her.” I think she feels this because of my suggested metaphor for the Director process.

Thank you so very much for your sticking your neck out to provide your ART modality to our profession!

Glenda Bates, LMHC

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