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Accelerated Resolution Therapy, or ART, was created to help people who have experienced trauma. The protocol that is delivered is meant to bring up original traumatic experiences and actually change the way that the information is ultimately stored.

Test Anxiety, Grade Improved

This client no longer has test anxiety after one session of ART. She went from receiving the lowest grade in her class to receiving the highest grade after experiencing ART.

PTSD Relief

Afghanistan Veteran gets relief from PTSD in one session!

Vomiting Fear

Gone in one hour

Fear of Public Speaking

Client no longer has fear of public speaking

No More Support Needed

This client came into the session using a cane. After one ART therapy she lifted the cane up and said "I don't need this." Three weeks later she no longer uses her cane or her walker. Seeing is believing.

Driving Phobia Gone After One Session

This client suffered from a driving phobia but now she can drive comfortably after just one ART session.

Frog Phobia Eradicated

A man who had had a childhood fear of frogs is completely phobia free after one session of Accelerated Resolution Therapy.

Depression Lifted

This client was skeptical that ART would make a difference. She realized when she was home that her depression had lifted. Her husband also noticed her change in mood and commented about it to her.

Co-Dependent Attitude Changed

This client began the ART session with a co-dependent attitude toward life. She was waiting for others to make her happy. After the one hour session of ART this client had a different perspective.

PTSD Relief

A police officer lived with the symptoms of PTSD for four years. After his ART session he felt amazed that he was not experiencing any PTSD symptoms and his attitude toward work had changed.

Day 1 Video

Fibromyalgia Gone

This client experienced one session of Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) and reports that her fibromyalgia is gone. She has no more pain and her life has changed. You can hear the excitement in her voice for her renewed lifestyle.

Dog Phobia

In this video you are listening to the results of a one-hour session in which a dog phobia was processed out using this new therapy. You are listening to the founder, Laney Rosenzweig, LMFT, interviewing a woman who had volunteered to be the subject of a live demonstration held the week before. She was so fearful of dogs that she would ask that they be locked away wherever she went. After a one hour session she no longer fears dogs and actually wondered why a dog she was in the room with was ignoring her. ART works consistently often in one hour to eradicate phobias, PTSD symptoms, helps with depression, anxiety, OCD, etc.

Psychogenic Seizures

Grandparents of a teen who recovered from psychogenic seizures after a 35 minute session of Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) discuss the outcome of the session.

Review of Empirical Evidence Base Video

Physiological Effects of Eye Movements - HD 1080p Video

Kevin Kip - More About Eye Movements, the Research Video

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