Voluntary Memory Replacement / Voluntary Image Replacement (VMR/VIR)

ART’s powerful technique of Voluntary Memory/Image Replacement (VMR/VIR) is used when clients are very clear about wanting to get rid of traumatic images and they come to a session prepared to process out the old images and restore mental health by replacing it with a more positive image.

Although they know that the new image is not the actual memory, it feels like a new start for them. The memory story remains while the images from the trauma are erased or replaced. Once this happens, the Trigger Origin (T.O.) is removed and the client’s affect changes – often in an instant.

Clients have spoken of their old images becoming “like a distant dream.” Even if the old scene does not fade completely, the new scene will firmly attach itself to it so that the clients move on easily to see the new scene they have chosen.

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