Clients Say

Co-Dependancy & Guilt

“I was extremely skeptical of ART but figured I had nothing to lose.  After one session my feelings have changed dramatically.  I am no longer sad, anxious or depressed about the situation that haunted me for months.”

Co-Dependancy & Abandonment

“I am not so co-dependent.  I’m relating to others differently – more sure, confident.  I have definitely reclaimed a part of myself that was lost.  I always felt that I was not enough.  I feel so much more complete.”

Grief – Parent’s Death

“I had problems dealing with my mom’s death and ART solved this problem.  It took all my anxiety and sorrow away from me.  I also am so focused and clear minded from this therapy that it helped me reach my goal of becoming an entrepreneur.  The therapist directed me in finding my own answers in …

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Loss of Son

“I have been able to sleep the night.  I noticed when I was alone and it was quiet my mind always went to the moments of my loss.  Now I don’t focus on that time.  I tend to drift to better memories that bring a smile.  I still cry over my loss, but it does …

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Client served in the military, developed PTSD after standing guard stateside over the bodies of her fallen comrades. She could not sleep without lights, could not watch television for fear there would be a dead body. Her life was unraveling.”When I was doing funerals, I would stand over the bodies and hear the sound of …

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