It Was Magical!

I have been seeing an 8 year old for 1 1/2 years due to father’s ill health and the responsibility this kiddo has in caretaking, and, at times, contacting emergency personnel due to dad’s deterioration.  As a result, he has significant anxiety.  A key point in the father’s health is that his health deteriorated due to a doctor’s decision to discontinue medication without consulting the father’s specialist team.

So, he engaged in ART.  During the bridge scene, he shared with me that he met a fox 1/2 way across the bridge that had something in his mouth.  He picked up the fox, went back to the initial side of the bridge to get his dad.  They walked together with the fox to the other side of the bridge, the fox had a needle of medicine for his dad, which his dad took.  He was then able to describe the scene of the two of them being able to play together again outside. And he was instantly relaxed.  It was magical!!

Just thought I’d share!
Have a great one,
Erica Langlois

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