Kelly Ketelaar

[vc_row inner_container=”true” padding_top=”0px” padding_bottom=”0px” bg_video=”” class=”” style=””][vc_column fade_animation_offset=”45px” width=”2/3″][vc_custom_heading text=”Kelly Ketelar” google_fonts=”font_family:Lato%3A100%2C100italic%2C300%2C300italic%2Cregular%2Citalic%2C700%2C700italic%2C900%2C900italic|font_style:700%20bold%20regular%3A700%3Anormal”][vc_custom_heading text=”LPC” font_container=”tag:h2|font_size:18|text_align:left|color:%23bfbfbf” google_fonts=”font_family:Lato%3A100%2C100italic%2C300%2C300italic%2Cregular%2Citalic%2C700%2C700italic%2C900%2C900italic|font_style:400%20regular%3A400%3Anormal”][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text][text_output]Kelly Ketelaar is a licensed professional counselor who received her Master of Arts in Clinical
Mental Health Counseling from Lewis University. Kelly has experience working with children,
adolescents, adults, seniors, couples and families in both individual and group settings. She has
worked with various populations dealing with issues such as anxiety, depression, grief,
relationships, life transitions, trauma, eating disorders, self-esteem issues, phobias and
substance abuse. Kelly also has extensive knowledge and experience in fitness, personal
training and nutrition coaching.

Kelly’s approach to therapy is unique to each individual and she believes that a solid therapeutic
relationship is more important than any particular treatment approach in producing the best
results in therapy. Kelly invites her clients to uncover a clearer understanding of their feelings
and behaviors, and helps them to feel safe, comfortable, and to establish trust, not only with her,
but with themselves. Her goal is to help her clients explore options and potential solutions and
find what works for them, at their pace.

Kelly credits Accelerated Resolution Therapy with being a game changer in how she practices
therapy. It allows her to help clients find relief from stress, trauma and other mental health
issues in a short amount of time.[/text_output][/vc_column][vc_column fade_animation_offset=”45px” width=”1/3″][gap size=”50px” id=”” class=”” style=””][image src=”3922″ alt=”” href=”” title=”” info_content=”” lightbox_caption=”” id=”” class=”” style=””][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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