Julie Sherwood

Licensed Creative Arts Therapist

I am a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist (LCAT) specializing in trauma, stress, and anxiety. I earned my Masters Degree from New York University, and hold additional credentials as a Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist (CCTS) through Trauma Institute International, and a Board Certified Music Therapist (MT-BC) trained in music psychotherapy.

I’ve been working with trauma survivors for more than 20 years. I spent much of that time exploring different approaches hoping to find one that would actually resolve trauma instead of just helping individuals cope with their symptoms. Understanding the importance of bottom-up approaches in trauma treatment, I began my career as a somatic therapist. Eventually, I moved into creative arts therapies to help retrain the nervous system and integrate both the emotional and logical parts of the brain into the healing process. I went on to study Multi-Channel Eye Movement Therapy (MEMI), trauma-focused EFT, trauma-sensitive Yoga, and Flash Technique. All were helpful to some degree, but none of them provided the complete resolution that ART does.

I was thrilled to discover ART because it fully resolves trauma without requiring clients to talk about painful details or endure unnecessary suffering. I was so excited by the gentle, fast, and thorough healing my clients were experiencing with the Basic protocol that I dedicated myself to completing Advanced, Enhanced, and Trainer Training as soon as I was eligible so I could share ART with more clinicians.

Thanks to ART, I’m excited to go to work every day and witness my clients reclaiming the joy and freedom they so richly deserve. And I’m just as passionate about teaching this remarkable therapy to more clinicians so we can help more people heal and thrive.

In addition to enjoying my private practice, I facilitate online and in-person stress management workshops, wellness groups, and music therapy groups for organizations throughout the country including the US Department of Veterans Affairs, NY State Office of Mental Health, Alzheimer’s Speaks, MS organizations, oncology centers, corporations, and more.

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