Kristy Pauls

Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist

Kristy Pauls earned her master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Emporia State University in Kansas. She has close to 25 years of experience in the mental health field including community and prison mental health programs, foster care system, family preservation, partial hospitalization, and private practice.

Her initial goal for being trained in Accelerated Resolution Therapy® (ART) was simply to be a provider of the therapy for veterans in Kansas. However, upon watching her clients make positive changes in their lives right before her eyes while using ART, she decided to pursue becoming a trainer for Basic ART. She hopes to train as many therapists as she can in the Midwest and beyond in ART. She also trains non-mental health clinicians in the Sensation Awareness Focused Technique (SAF-T) which utilizes a portion of the Basic ART protocol.

Pauls has utilized ART with an array of client issues, such as emergency mental health, suicidality, and domestic violence. She currently works at United Health Care as a Care Coordinator for the Kansas SED Waiver, is a subcontractor for the local SOS Domestic Violence agency where she utilizes ART with clients at their shelter and outreach and has a private practice. She believes that everyone deserves to have relief from stress, trauma, or any other mental health symptom, and that ART is the therapeutic modality that can make that happen.

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