I'm so excited and proud, I can hardly stand myself!
Yesterday afternoon I "ARTed" (a new adjective), a 28 y/o male client after treating him for a trauma incident that happened to him a decade ago. We worked for a year of therapy 2-1/2 yrs. ago, took a break and started back Not only did we get to the root of why he's been holding it so long, which resulted in a social phobia, but he and I (both) discovered why he couldn't get past it. He displayed the only emotion (tears) w/ me that he's ever shown and was finally able to let the incident go, which was based on GUILT! Whew! Powerful! Gives me those "good goosebumps" to which Laney refers. He will now likely progress thru therapy w/ only a few more sessions, but I am confident that the "Universe" will provide me w/ many more in his place.
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