M. Mayo

Laney, Everyday seems so much lighter for me, like a heavy black cloud has passed overhead and the sun has come out. I'm no longer looking to save everyone...everyone is on their own! Not sure if that is good or not, however I'm OK with it for the first time ever. It amazes me that this could happen with just one session. I'm even sleeping better. NOW...this just happened. I know I spoke with you about my fear of snakes which has been with me since I was a little girl. My mom was with me that frightful day of the snake encounter. Well, I just had another meeting with a snake last weekend, at my new home. I was working with my plants, turned to get something and when I turned back around a snake slithered right in front of me.. right where I was working..under the trailer..my bedroom no less. In the past I would have been screaming like a Banshee and on the hood of my car, heart racing and hyperventilating in less than a second. However, none of that happened, I just said "Oh My" and watched him slither by. I had totally forgotten about him by bedtime and had the best night sleep all week. I had to share this with you because this is such a big think to me. You have no idea. It was a pleasure getting to know you.
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