Serena Steele RN

I wanted to write this testimonial to get the word out about Accelerated Resolution Therapy. I have suffered from anxiety, depression, poor memory and sleep disturbances for decades after a traumatic brain injury in 1969. I had been anxious as a child but the brain injury and several subsequent life experiences worsened this, making my daily struggles so much more severe. My constant anxiety and poor sleep patterns negatively impacted my life in so many areas. It especially affected my family, who became so tired of my constant worrying. I also struggled with low self esteem, low energy level and racing, obsessive thoughts. I had tried antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications but could not tolerate the side effects. I also had counseling on and off for years with little relief. As an RN, I had watched many of my patients struggle with these same issues and my heart ached for them.I felt powerless to help them or myself. Now at the age of 63 and recently retired, I decided I had to do something to improve the rest of my life. I was so tired of living like I had been for 40 years. After seeing a TV presentation by Laney Rosenzweig about ART, I knew I owed it to myself to try it. I was very skeptical and unsure of the "science" behind this therapy. After only 1 session of ART, I was actually in disbelief about the way I was feeling. Going home from the session, I could only describe to my husband that I felt inexplicably "lighter, as if a huge burden had been lifted from me. In subsequent days, I am rejoicing in my new found energy, much better sleep, improved memory and major decreases in my anxiety and racing thoughts. Although I am still concerned about family worries and have not totally forgotten painful memories , I am not obsessing about them all the time. It is an awesome feeling!! I am now actually able to "let things go"! This therapy is an earth shaking modality , especially for those of us that cannot tolerate medications and/or do not have insurance or the time to go through hours of "talk therapy". It has the potential to change the entire mental health field.
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