One ART session has client smiling and standing tall

I just had an ART session  yesterday and am just so impressed with the client’s  reported outcome this morning. He’s a man in his  50’s with major depression, history of trauma,  substance abuse and loss, trying to get his life  together.  He   had been carrying around guilt, worthlessness – and  images from age 17 at his mother’s hospital bed  as she was dying. We used Gestalt in the Director scene, he  completely erased and replaced 4 snapshots   in outprocessing, and was able to do the pile and the  bridge successfully. This man was very skeptical about ART  but willing to try. He left me a vm last night and came in  this morning saying he tried to find the images but  couldn’t – asking if that was supposed   to happen. He said he is not used to not carrying  these images and feelings with him. He told me he has the  memory but not the images and emotions – which I know  is what ART does, but to hear this straight from a client  and to see him smiling today  and standing tall, is truly remarkable.

Marsha Mandel, LMHC

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