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Trauma-Informed Psychoeducation in ART

In her book “Come Passion, The Soulful ART of Healing Trauma,” Colleen Clark, RCSW, highlights the importance of delivering Psychoeducation to clients alongside ART sessions. Psychoeducation in trauma therapy involves explaining the client’s mental diagnosis and treatment choices to both the client and their family, helping them understand and cope with the illness by providing …

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Trauma Affects Everyone

Yes, you’re suffering from trauma. As trauma is a universal part of life, you have suffered or are suffering from its impact. Therapists have referred to types of trauma as “little T” trauma or “Big T” trauma to discuss the severity of its impact.  Trauma is an emotional response to a distressing event where we …

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How does an ART-Trained Practitioner Prepare for Trauma Healing?

When a focus is on trauma healing, where does a practitioner begin? Thousands of trained clinicians have become familiar with the efficacy of Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) in treating a myriad of mental health conditions caused by trauma. The question ART-trained practitioners most often ask is, “What do you do before ART?” Colleen Clark,RCSW Master …

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