chronic stress

A very stressed business man with post-its stuck to his face practices stress management

How can I cope with stress?

November 2nd, 2022 was International Stress Awareness Day, as the International Stress Management Association declared.  Many people find this time of year to be the most stressful with approaching holiday commitments.  What contributes to this stress?  Stress shows up when the demands of a situation exceed the available resources to meet them. Time, money, energy, …

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blurry stressed woman grabs head

Are you in “Survival Mode”?

“I’m ALWAYS tired” was a common statement Janine heard herself say throughout the day.  Not only did she feel exhausted at the end of the day, but she woke up feeling unrested.   Strangely, however, she felt both tired and “wired” once bedtime came.   As she moved through her day, she felt she was only …

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